Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tennessee - Letter #2

Whyyyy hello!! I have been so excited for today and to get to talk to you! This week and a half has been insane! I have only had one  Pday so far and I feel like I just need a breather. I still haven't unpacked from last Tuesday yet...that's how busy we have been!
The rest of the MTC was awesome of course! I was a little bit sad to leave. Last Sunday night we had to stay up and pack and all that stuff and clean our dorms and be at the travel office at 2 AM...ya the struggle was so real. And its a miracle that I made my bags be 50 pounds....let me tell ya.

As we were landing I just got SO excited! I just felt so good and knew this is where I was supposed to be. When we came out and saw President Anderson and his wife...and the 3 AP's...that's when everything got real. They were SO excited to meet us and so happy and just awesome! they are the sweetest people. I got to ride with Pres and Sister Anderson and we went to the mission office.  One of the AP's is from Bountiful and knows some of my BHS and VHS friends. He also knows Brig. They are awesome. Anyways we go through Brentwood...super wealthy area...oh no worries...2 houses down from the mission home is where Faith Hill and Tim McGraw used to live. its fine...really. haha
The first thing they did was give us all our own brand new ipads...yep talk about trust. Everything is so pretty and when I tell people that they laugh and say...oh just wait for summer:) anyways  the next day we went to transfers.  At transfers each of us receive a letter with our assignment that we read in front of everyone.  I read: "Sister Oldroyd...the Lord has assigned you to Labor in the Christiana area and your trainer will be Sister West." oh my heck it was the best thing ever. I just was so happy.

On Tuesday and we were coming back home after giving out a couple BofM's and we saw a girl like college age trying to fly a kite.  We decided to go and talk to her.  she was so interested and took our restoration pamphlet and wanted us to come back Thursday. We went back Thursday and she was super into it and read all the pamphlet and had all these questions. We asked her to come to church and ours is at 8:30 am. We prayed to have her come and she agreed and so we met her at church she came to SM and SS and liked it a lot. And then the W family met her and we were going to go have dinner at the W's later that night and so sister W invited her. It was perfect and we were so  happy. Our Zone leaders heard about her and called her our first miracle. So hopefully she continues awesome stuff this week! Ah so great! so within 6 days...we met her....(my first day) taught her 2 when we met her on the sidewalk...invited her to church...she came...and then she had dinner with us and a ward family.

1. Did you know at Kroger stores here (like smiths) you can scan a BOM and you get a discount. NO it’s great when you want to give them one too. Scan it (as a discount for your purchase) then say hey have you heard of this book. bingo. perf.

2. People here think I'm from England when they first see me and then EVERYONE thinks I have an accent. I don't think they realize THEY are the ones with accents. Awkwaarddd....hahah people have asked to talk just to hear my accent. k that's weird I know.

3. Members here are amazing. We get fed all dinners and some lunches. It’s so beez but fun. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get fat. Because members are so generous they make us homemade meals but also guess what...they take us out to eat. I have been out to eat so much this’s a joke. good thing our apartments have a gym and we work out in the mornings. It’s nice.

4. So my area is Christiana but we live in Murfreesboro and our ward is there. so we share a ward with the zone leaders who are just awesome. but I wish you could see where I am. It’s beautiful. The HUGE country estates with barns (thinking of you modge) and just rolling hills and rivers and farm animals and so much. AH I love it! and then you have the sketchier city part. It’s an adventure. no joke. like for instance...we helped a family move this week and it was sick. We had to help the elders and we are all there with our church clothes cleaning and moving with them. You just step back and look at the gross place where we were, while the elders in white shirts are helping these people really is something else. I just really appreciated the elders for their worthiness and just how sharp they are. And I have only known them a week but just solid guys and it just made me a little bit choked up because I thought of my friends doing that same thing...serving missions...worthily amongst gross situations.  then I thought about it more and just thought about Ian and Andrew and how I'm so excited for them to go and be hard working missionaries and just knowing they will be worthy and happy to serve and just love what they do.

5. So we went with another one of our investigators this week and she is looking into our church but also goes to this Massive church down the road (there are churches on every corner...can't imagine how Joseph Smith felt…) anyways the church she goes to now is so big that there is a McDonalds and Starbucks  inside the church.....THE STRUGGLE IS REAL THERE.  Anyways she is interested with us and she is so sweet and as we left she just said...thank you for working for Jesus...I thought that was kind of a cool little thought.

6. We are teaching a new member named D.  Sister West introduced me to him this week and like most people ask like 12 times how to say my last name and so I usually just show them the spelling on my tag....well the awkward moment when he can't read. he doesn't know how...sad huh?  So you have the super huge rich country estates....the super gross part of town...then the suburbs and then you have the super poor country people who have such a strong accent and can’t even read....oh my heck they are my favorite tho.  that's what I decided.

7. So I'm in ward council Sunday morning...the bishop sees me….meets me and then asks if I can speak UM....hi give me a panic attack. so I tried my best...gosh dang it... I need to work on that last minute speaking thing.

8. We went to RS and the RS love the on Wed they came and took a pic of me and by Sunday my pics and name and address were hanging up outside the RS room for the ward to see....cute huh? anyways I got to introduce myself and talk about my family and I LOVE  telling everyone about you guys. also weird because usually mom's in RS with me. Nope modgy you're in Utah :( y look so confused!

9. I still haven't unpacked and I'm always so tired. It’s weird how you NEVER spend time in the apartment. I guess I didn't realize how much you were actually out. I'm glad though.
Thank you so much for your emails and your letters and just encouragement. It makes me so happy and makes me want to do better. This week has been exhausting but the good kind. thank you so much! Thank you for being able to send me here and thank you for helping me be strong in the gospel because it freaks me out seeing families who don't have the gospel and I'm  just so happy and grateful we are sealed forever and I'm so glad we have the gospel and I see how happy it makes us and when people slam the door (ya that's awk) we just is so sad for them. They won't know what they are missing out on and someday in the spirit world..they will come and say sorry….hahah JK but really...

This is seriously the hardest thing in the world but it’s weird how happy you are when you do it:) It’s the best. I look at my tag every night when I take it off and it just reminds me how amazing this calling really is! I’m so happy to be here.    Also I have just learned so much in the past week that the Lord really does love and protect his missionaries and I’m so grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life and I don’t feel lonely just feel good and safe.


Sister Olivia Oldroyd

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