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Week #2 Tennessee



This week has felt like a month. Days feel like years though. Missionary time is insane. Okay I’m so excited to tell you this story so I'll tell this BIG miracle first and then all the other little things this week:)

1.Remember the girl flying her kite from last week that we talked to?  Here’s the full story that makes this story so cool:  Sister west got a call the Saturday before I came in saying she would be a trainer and for her to bring the car to transfers because they were gonna sell it. So they brought it and arranged to have a member pick them up. Turns out it was a miscommunication and our car wasn’t being sold. The aps felt bad and told us to ride with the member home and then they would bring us our car within the next couple days. So the first couple days we walked and got rides. The first night we walked and knocked doors. We first met a lady and helped carry in her groceries, talked to her and gave her a Book of Mormon. She had met with the elders before and liked the missionaries and was thinking about letting us come back.

We walked around this massive neighborhood most of the evening and ended up going in this big circle. We ended up heading for home around dusk and passed the same street where we had helped the lady carry in her groceries. We saw this young woman outside trying to fly a kite because there was a little wind. We went up and talked to her. (She lived right across the street from the lady who we carried in her groceries earlier in the evening.) The kite lady was named M. We gave her a pamphlet and shared a quick little bit of what we believed. She thought it was very interesting and wanted to learn more. That was Tuesday. The first night I got to my area. The only reason we were walking is because we didn't have a car (the miscommunication with the car that made this possible J). We wouldn't have met her any other way because our area is mostly country....we just needed something to do that night and that street was something we could walk to and try. We made an appointment to meet with her Thursday.

On Thursday she had done her reading. We talked with her and she loved the Restoration and was taking notes and things were clicking and making sense to her she told us. We gave her a BofM and  another pamphlet of what we would be going over next time. We gave her chapters to read. She wanted us to come back Saturday. Haha she said is that weird? Or is that too soon? She didn't
understand we did this all day--every day!  We went back Saturday--she had really great questions and truly wondered. As the week went on we met with her again. On Tuesday we met up and taught her the plan of salvation. I sat there teaching a woman who graduated from college... has a career and is her late twenties early thirties and has never heard of the plan of salvation. Something so special to me (this gospel) she and (many others) have never even heard of.... The plan of salvation I have learned so many times....I know it well. We taught it slow and simple. She couldn't get her mind to wrap around it. She had no idea we once lived with God before coming to earth...and everything after....was difficult for her to get as well. She kept asking questions and wanted to know more. That was the cool part. She kept saying this is amazing but I can't wrap my mind around it. Or this seems so logical.....but overwhelming. My favorite is when she finally said...this makes sense. If God loves us he would give us more than one chance. That night we talked a little more. It felt so good to just tell someone who doesn't know...”I came to know and so can you!”  If you really are looking you will find an answer.

Long story short....last Tuesday she was outside and saw two sister missionaries across the street carry in some groceries for a lady. The thought came to M’s mind that those were Mormon missionaries....she thought there was no way because there were only boy missionaries. She said so baldy she wanted to come talk to us but knew we were busy across the street helping someone else.  So she didn't...she just watched us from her porch hoping God would send us to her...... She eventually went inside and a little later saw it was windy and went back out to try to fly a kite. And, by this time we were coming back down the street to complete our major circle of tracking for the night....M was now back in her front yard...and we stopped to say hi.

Miracles? I think yes. Heavenly Father preparing her? Heck ya!!!  That night we invited her to the Book of Mormon study group at the church the next night.  So Wednesday came and we met her at the church. It's weird how close you can get to someone by teaching them the you are praying for them constantly so I guess that helps too :) haha Well she came to Book of Mormon study and she's been reading as well. Ward members are amazing....coming up and hugging her and remembering her name from Sunday. They love her.  We watched the restoration video. Most powerful thing ever. We were all tearing up and the Spirit was so strong.  I was so nervous this whole lesson because of what we were going to ask her at the end. You could tell the Spirit hit her like a train. We all sat there and bore testimony to her.
We are meeting with her again on Tuesday and we are so excited. yesterday she texted us and told us how happy she was to start finding truth and how she has had better days and been more happy so far.:)

2. Sister W started teaching a man named S  the week before I came. So they only had one lesson and then I met him my first weekend we have been teaching him a couple more times. So get this...we invited him to be baptized and he accepted. He told us a couple things that really stood out to me.... ps he is in his 60's and has a hard core WOW problem. so this will be fun....haha he said.."I knew this would eventually happen...ever since the start i have seen the spirit work on me but I haven't wanted to notice it but it is real. But even more I can see the spirit work in you two girls. I haven't felt this happy or excited about anything for us a long time."

So those are our investigators who are committed to baptism and we are so excited for them! the rest of our investigators are still working on it! We have 2 families we are teaching and a couple single people and a couple grandpas and grandmas who are so fun. teaching is the best plus they are real people and not MTC fake investigators. we are in the country alot and its spring here and it is BEAUTIFUL! oh my heck I think of you modge whenever I go past old barns (which is around every bend) and the blossoms are blooming and there are forsythia (the yellow bush we love) bushes EVERYWHERE :) Spring is here and its great! You guys will have to come check this place out someday because I know how much you would love it.

5. So we had a pretty packed day (I think it was Thursday) and right after one of our appointments Sister W said she had a feeling we needed to go visit a lady in a rest home that i hadn't met yet but she was we went. Good thing we did. We went and I have never seen anyone hooked up to so many machines. We went and said hi and talked with her and she was so happy to see us. (and meet me because I hadn't met her). We asked if we could sing her some songs. ( Okay so I really don't enjoy singing that much plus I can't sing but I will so don't worry:)) So we sang to her for a long time and she loved it. Cutest lady ever. Then she whispered...(because she can't talk)  “I wish I could feed you girls. I always would feed the missionaries...”  We told her not worry at all. Then she pulled out a couple of dollars and said go eat a nice little dinner with that...We couldn't accept her money and we tried telling her that...finally she said: "please sisters...I need the blessings".  That really hit me. She is so amazing . Her name is P and her life is probably going to end soon.

After we said bye to her we walked into the hall and a nurse came running up to us and said...'I heard you sing...will you please come sing to this man named Mr. Williams...he won't calm down?" so we looked at each other and walked with her to meet this man who was just freaking out. He was so agitated and it was so sad :(

We started singing I am a Child of God in front of doctors and nurses and all of a sudden he went still and silent and just listened to us sing. It really was such a cool experience. The Spirit was brought in and he was calm. The doctors and nurses were in awe. They told us they have NEVER seen him that calm before.

6.At our district meeting this week some sisters told us how singing on peoples porches works and immediately invites the Spirit. So sister W was like:  that’s a great idea...and I agreed. (not thinking we would actually do that...because I Don’t Sing...and if I did sing in front of people that would be SO AWKWARD).  We go knock some doors one evening....we start walking up a driveway and Sister West goes...Hey let's sing here! and I was like ehhhh I like the singing idea...but how about the next one...I’m just not feeling it right now. so she agrees---The next one she knocks on the door and says: "HELLO! can we sing to you?"  I seriously just busted up laughing...and well I had to sing.  Come to find out the Spirit was invited immediately and he wanted to know more about our church. So that was really cool. So now when we feel like we should sing...we sing-----and I don't doubt.

7.This week I had the idea of going to a park and drawing the plan of salvation with chalk and then teaching it....So we did:)  It was a beautiful day and we just drew the plan of salvation and people came up and started asking us questions and we were able to teach! So sweet! Who would have thought-- right? :)

I feel like I have learned so much this week! There is a Mormon message by Elder Bednar called Revelation or seeking Inspiration or something like that. Go look it up!  It’s a three part little movie and is so good. I love Elder Bednar. He explains how revelations comes little by a sunrise. not just someone flipping on a light. he also talks about how you can be in the fog a little bit but if you have faith to move just a little bit forward then God will help you come to see the clearing and you will know what to do.  I love that idea.  J

An investigator asked me this week..."aren't you afraid that sometime in your life you will fall away from the church?" and I thought about it and thought well duh that sounds scary but no, I’m not afraid of that because it’s not going to happen.  Yes, life will be hard-- but guess what I learned in the MTC? The major difference between conversion and testimony: Testimony is your knowledge or belief and conversion is acting on it. So I figured if I’m constantly building my testimony and constantly building my conversion and ACTING and doing the little things each day then my conversion will grow strong as well and I will never have to worry about falling away even when it gets hard…. Well that’s just my thought.

Jacob 6:12 is one of my new favorite scriptures.....go look it up:)
"Be Wise...what more can I say?"


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